Benefits Of Wii

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Benefits of Wii

The Wii gaming system has many benefits other than being a very good game. It has several rehabilitative applications to help people cope with various ailments like spinal cord injuries and even strokes. If you want to discover more benefits of Wii, read on.

1. Improves hand to eye coordination

Video games have been known to cause a considerable improvement in hand to eye coordination when used over a long period. This is particularly true of Wii as it involves mimicking the player’s actions on a screen.

2. Promotes balance

Whether a person is standing or even sitting, the controllers that are used when playing the Wii require proper form and balance for good results. Research shows that using a standing posture when playing Wii promotes movement in people with spinal injuries. In addition, it also strengthens the bones.

3. Enhances memory

Wii helps with decision making and problem solving skills while enhancing memory. Health experts think that playing sophisticated games such as Wii assists with both long term and short term memory. Most strategic games demand a lot of concentration and thus they assist to sharpen problem solving skills.

4. Provides entertainment

Wii is commonly used in occupational or physical therapy where patients are encouraged to make use of a standing posture when playing. It is highly likely that patients will enjoy their therapy since it has been put in a game setting. Furthermore, patients usually prolong the time they spend standing when playing Wii because it is very enjoyable.

5. Boosts self confidence

Wii inspires a competitive spirit and promotes self-confidence, particularly if a player becomes proficient in playing it. This helps to enhance social skills and can assist a patient to heal quickly.

The detriment of Wii is that like all video games, it is very costly to purchase and it also does not have good graphics.

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