Benefits Of Vinegar Water

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Benefits of Vinegar Water

Cider vinegar is basically sour wine. It has useful culinary uses and it aids in natural treatments. Vinegar exists in various forms, including vinegar water. The use of vinegar water offers several benefits as shown below.

1. Sore throat

Vinegar water can be used for alleviating sore throat symptoms. Mixing apple cider vinegar with some warm water provides sore throat relief. This gargle is supposed to be used after every hour during the day. This mixture of water and vinegar can also remove bad breath. It fights bacteria responsible for causing bad breath and sore throat. Individuals with sinus infections may also experience considerable relief following vinegar water consumption

2. Natural antiseptic

Vinegar water has potent antibacterial properties and it is therefore useful for cleansing the skin. Acne problems can be completely eliminated using both external and internal use of vinegar water. Topically, the solution should be applied three times every day. People with oily skin can also use vinegar water like an astringent. Furthermore, regular vinegar water use has been shown to lessen ageing symptoms and also cellulite. To get this particular health benefit, you are required to use vinegar water when bathing.

3. Cures digestive ailments

Cider vinegar helps in both the digestion as well as absorption of foodstuffs in the body. The acidic component of vinegar water discourages bacteria, virus and fungi growth in the intestines, thereby preventing several digestive ailments like constipation. Actually, constipation is linked to headaches and bad moods. A mixture of two teaspoons of vinegar and a glass of water should be ingested two or three times every day to help digestion. Drinking vinegar water prior to eating meals also encourages proper digestion.

The shortcoming of taking vinegar water is that it is does not taste well. To remedy its bad taste, honey is added to vinegar water for sweetening the taste.

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