Benefits Of Vanilla

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Benefits of Vanilla

Vanilla is considered as the oldest spice and is familiar to many, but most people don’t know about its many health benefits. Originally, vanilla was popularly used by Europeans to make puddings, cakes and ice-creams. Nowadays, it has gain immense popularity and is used for culinary purposes due to its aromatic and flavoring uses.

1. Treats certain types of cancer

Did you know that vanilla has anti-cancer effects? Well, studies have shown that vanilla contain an active ingredient, vanillin that posses anti-cancer effects. It not only prevents growth of cancerous cells, but also stops mutations. Research conducted recently indicated that vanillin prevented the spread or metastasis of cancerous cell to the lungs. Moreover, vanillin contains a compound known as Bromovanin that prevent the growth of cancer cells.

2. Alleviates symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Vanillin, the essential component found in vanilla, has anti-oxidant effects and may help reduce oxidative damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease. It facilitates the formation of peroxynitite, a compound that help alleviate symptoms of other degenerative illnesses like Parkinson’s disease. Although research is still ongoing, it holds future potential in regards to dealing with debilitating diseases.

3. Reduces risk of Sickle cell anemia

Research has shown that drinking vanilla can help improve health of red blood cells, thereby is beneficial to patient with sickle cell illness. Unfortunately, vanilla or vanillin for that matter is destroyed by stomach acids after ingestion. Nevertheless, medical practitioners are hopeful that extensive research can help find the cure of sickle cell in future.

4. Sedative effects

Vanilla was popularly used in the sixteenth century to cure a wide range of disorders including sleep difficulties and stomach ulcers. This essential oil has sedative effects, thereby may help to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. Some people also believe that it acts an aphrodisiac, but research is still ongoing in this area.

Excessive intake of Vanilla Mint can lead to weakened enamel and discolored tooth, thus ensure you moderate your consumption.

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