Benefits of uterine ablation

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Benefits of uterine ablation

Uterine ablation is a medical procedure that involves removal of the endometrial lining of the uterus. ‘ Since this procedure involves the endometrial part of the uterus, some people also refer to it as endometrial ablation. ‘ This medical procedure is usually done on an out-patient basis with the patient allowed to do her normal tasks the day after the actual operation. ‘ Uterine ablation provides the following benefits to women:

1. Stoppage of excessive bleeding

Excessive bleeding is the main reason why many women decide to undergo uterine ablation. ‘ Through this procedure, too much bleeding during the regular menstrual cycle may be stopped and treated. ‘ Many women suffer from excessive bleeding during their cycle while there are also others who have prolonged menstrual cycles. ‘ Through removal of the endometrial lining in the uterus, many women are able to control the bleeding during their menstrual period.

2. ‘ Relief from pain

Menstrual periods are synonymous with abdominal cramping and pain for some women. ‘ And when there is excessive bleeding, many women may also feel more intense pain during their periods. By undergoing the simple procedure of uterine ablation, less pain will result because the excessive bleeding will be halted.

3. ‘ Alternative to hysterectomy

Some women also undergo uterine ablation to prevent themselves from having to undergo hysterectomy which is a more serious procedure. ‘ Hysterectomy is sometimes advised to patients with excessive bleeding but it is usually warranted in the most severe of cases. ‘ This major procedure involves removal of the entire uterus and so may require incisions. ‘ Uterine ablation on the other hand is done through the vaginal opening and so do not require incisions. ‘ Both procedures provide relief for excessive bleeding but uterine ablation is the best alternative to hysterectomy.

Although there are various risks and side-effects associated with uterine ablation, it remains to be an important procedure for many women suffering from excessive bleeding. ‘ As much as 90% of women who undergo this procedure have found it effective in terms of stopping the excessive bleeding during menstrual periods.

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