Benefits Of Using Excel

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Benefits of Using Excel

Microsoft excel is a powerful tool that is widely used to help people analyze organize data in a systemic manner. Using Microsoft Excel and other office applications, you can easily share your insight and analysis with partners, customers and co-workers with great zeal. Here are some of the benefits of using Microsoft Excel in terms of analyzing and sharing information within the workplace.

1. User friendly interface

The new Microsoft excel has an improved user interface that enable you to organize your information in a systematic manner. Based on your current project, whether it’s writing formulas or creating tables, Office Excel features appropriate tools and commands to help you accomplish your task.

2. Manages and organize massive data

Work with loads of data using Microsoft Excel, which provide endless opportunities in regards to data management. Apart from having a bigger grid, Microsoft Excel also supports multicore processors to help you calculate formula-intense tasks.

3. Provides better analysis

Use the redesigned chart engine in Microsoft Excel to present your data in professional oriented charts. Apply visual modifications to your presentation such as soft shadowing, 3-D effects and transparency. Moreover, create and manage massive data the same way because Office Microsoft excel also supports other office applications like Microsoft Office Power Point.

4. Enjoy powerful and improved table features

Create, filter, format and expand multiple tables with a set of formulas since Microsoft excel has improved features for tables. For instance, if you want to view data in an extended table, Office Excel keeps table headers in view as you scroll.

5. Share spreadsheets

Use Microsoft Excel to share multiple spreadsheets with co-workers. Other parties may also access the data online as it renders the spreadsheets as HTML. Additionally, you can navigate, filter, sort and input parameters, all within the Web browser.

Besides its numerous benefits, Microsoft Excel also has its share of shortcoming as well. Many users claim that Office Excel is not easily shared compared to other office applications.

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