Benefits Of Using a Wiki

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Benefits of Using a Wiki

A wiki is a type of website that users can edit, remove and add every page through using any web browser. Due to their ease in terms of editing, wikis are now being used for projects that require many participants. Here is a list of the main benefits of using a wiki.

1. Saves time
Sending a huge document to many people can really take up time and some individuals may not even get it because of spam filters. A wiki offers a great solution to this problem. Through making use of a wiki, a single user is capable of sharing her or his work with other users simultaneously. This helps to keep the users in sync.

2. Places ideas together
A wiki provides the benefit of being used for putting various ideas together. Whether the ideas are long or short descriptions, a wiki enables users to easily write them down. Furthermore, any necessary editing can be done at a later time.

3. Education benefits
Wikis also have benefits in the education field. In the normal classroom, the teacher provides the learning material and the students interpret and absorb it. However, by using the wiki students are provided the chance of providing most of the learning materials. Teachers using wikis have discovered that when they are properly done, the wikis themselves can act like learning materials for other classes.

4. Easily accessible
The other advantage of using a wiki is that it is easily accessible from any part of the world as long as there is a good web connection. When a user wants to go on vacation, they do not have to be concerned with travelling with huge files. They can use the wiki to access all their information.

However, a wiki is open to vandalism and spam if not well managed as any person can edit.

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