Benefits Of Unsaturated Fats

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Benefits of Unsaturated Fats

Good sources of unsaturated fats include vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts and vegetable oils. Unsaturated fats are the healthier type of fats and they are used by the body to carry out various vital functions. Further down are benefits of consuming unsaturated fats.

1. Increase good cholesterol

HDL cholesterol is very important for proper functioning of an individual’s cardiovascular system. On the other hand, LDL enhances the risk of cardiovascular complications by blocking the arteries. The only method of preventing this action from happening is through eating a nutrition that is rich in unsaturated fats. This is because they provide high amounts of HDL, which assists to lower LDL levels and also reduce blood pressure.

2. Boost energy

Similar to proteins, unsaturated fats act as sources of energy. In fact, these fats are a very efficient source of energy since they can be used over a long period. This is great if you are an athlete looking for increased endurance as you carry out your practice sessions. Since unsaturated fats produce gradual energy, you will be capable of sustaining yourself through a long and strenuous workout.

3. Reduce cardiovascular risk

Nowadays, heart problems like heart failure, hypertension, stroke and heart attack are affecting a large number of the population. There are certain unsaturated fats that can lessen the risk of most heart complications. For instance, Omega 3 that is found in meals like fish and walnuts has a beneficial effect on a person’s heart health. This particular unsaturated fat also lessens the likelihood of developing inflammatory diseases as well as some kinds of cancer.

4. Enhance vitamin intake

Unsaturated fats assist the body in absorbing vitamins, specifically the fat soluble ones. Every time you eat fat soluble vitamins, unsaturated fats help the body to absorb them.

Because unsaturated fats contain calories, it is still recommended to eat them in moderation to avoid weight gain.

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