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Benefits Of Unrefined Coconut Oil

Benefits of Unrefined Coconut Oil

Unrefined or organic coconut oil is the pure form of coconut oil and it is much healthier than its refined version that has undergone hydrogenation. There are many people who believe that using the unrefined version of coconut oil may even treat or control several health issues. The following article discusses the advantages of unrefined coconut oil.

1. Natural product
Unrefined coconut oil is normally produced from coconuts that have been grown without using chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Furthermore, it is also not processed with the assistance of bleach. Actually, it is made from the fresh succulent part of the coconut, instead of the coconut’s dried meat, which is usually dried under unhygienic conditions.

2. Better taste
In contrast with the refined versions, organic coconut oil has a much better taste. It offers a neutral and smooth flavor, especially if extracted from ripe coconuts. Unrefined coconut oil can thus be utilized in making smoothies or even sautéing foods.

3. Reduces belly fat
Regardless of its content of saturated fat, unrefined organic oil contributes to a thinner midsection. Several overweight individuals, who were given unrefined coconut oil or soybean oil daily together with light exercise and healthy diet , were closely studied by researchers. The scientists found that those who consumed organic coconut oil had a reduced waist size, with no negative effects on their levels of cholesterol.

4. Nutritious
The nutritional content of unrefined coconut oil is greater than its refined versions. It contains healthy lauric acid amounts, which has antibacterial and antiviral properties. This particular acid is also found in breast milk, and this makes unrefined coconut oil useful for pregnant women. Most of vitamins and antioxidants found in unrefined coconut oil are readily absorbable in the body.
Availability is the main disadvantage of unrefined coconut oil since the refined version is easily accessible than the organic version.

Benefits Of Unrefined Coconut Oil

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