Benefits Of Unlocked iPhone

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Benefits of Unlocked iPhone

An unlocked iPhone is a mobile phone which has not been tied to any particular service provider so as to be usable. Many iPhones are usually tied to a particular cellular provider when they are introduced but are however unlocked later so that they can be used on other networks. An unlocked iPhone can be used on any kind of network once you insert the respective SIM card. The following are more benefits of using an unlocked iPhone;-

1. Using a preferred network choice.
With an unlocked iPhone, you can easily use a different SIM card from a cheap network and pay as you use. This further enables you to make cheap calls as an alternative to using expensive roaming services. You can further be able to purchase cheap data bundles for your internet connection at reasonable rates as well. Using an unlocked iPhone allows you to switch the SIM card whenever and wherever you wish.

2. Creates room for other applications
Unlocking your iPhone provides you with an opportunity to use any other applications aside from what Apple has allowed you to have on the phone. You can further add customized ringtones to it as well. What is more is that you can also use your iPhone as a modem and use it to connect your computer to the internet.

3. Allows for background and categorizing of applications.
At one point in time your iPhone usually gets crowded with applications and it becomes quite hard to browse through as you look for other applications. With an unlocked iPhone, you can easily categorize your applications which is advantageous because you can easily find the applications you need easily. Further, you can also be able to work with background applications of your choice which Apple has not supplied as yet.
The drawback of unlocking your iPhone is that it releases you from your warranty and whatever happens on it, Apple will not be responsible.

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One Response

  1. ken leer

    October 4, 2014 1:49 pm

    Think some clarifications should be made.
    1. The writers is clearly talking about jailbreak as unlock method think this is a important issue. Because when jail breaking you do void the warranty on the iPhone. Also if you do not correctly do the jail break you can brick your baseband basically frying your modem baseband. This method does allow you to use other applications on the iPhone and can allow you to unlock the phone but it should be noted about the penalties that may come with introducing foreign software to your iphone.
    2. A safer alternative is to have the iPhone factory unlocked. Unlike jailbreak you can still update your ios without losing your unlock. This method does not void your warranty and is safe. This process is done over Apple servers and unlocked using the iPhone imei#. To activate the unlock you simply hook your iPhone to iTunes with a foreign sim card no software to download to your iPhone.
    3. You can choose to do both use jailbreak software–(Which by the way is a free download and you should never be tricked into paying for it)—to allow you to use different third party applications on your iPhone and have it factory unlocked. The benefits to this are that if you decide to sell your iPhone you can simply restore your iPhone to erase jailbreak but keep unlock at the same time. If you would like to find out more about factory unlocking go to http//

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