Benefits of tundra

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Benefits of tundra

Tundra refers to the generally cold climate of the Earth’s northern hemisphere. ‘ Areas that have a tundra climate have average temperatures of lower than 5 degrees Celsius. ‘ Characteristic of tundra climate is the soil condition called “permafrost”. ‘ This condition literally means that the soil is permanently in frost mode. ‘ This condition makes it a very harsh environment for various plant and animal species. ‘ Despite the seemingly extreme climate and living conditions, tundra conditions still has some benefits including the following:

1. ‘ Longer days for plants to grow

The tundra environment involves a very cold climate but longer hours in the sunshine for various plant species. ‘ Although the main part of the soil is in frost mode, some plants are still able to adjust to the harsh conditions and grow as shrubs. ‘ With extra hours in the sunlight, photosynthesis can happen for as long as 24 hours a day making plants grow faster. ‘ Although none of them will be able to grow into trees because of the soil or permafrost, many will be able to grow thicker and healthier faster.

2. ‘ Promotion of some insect life

Some insects are able to adapt to the extremely cold weather of tundra areas. ‘ Some have even developed eggs that are said to be frost-resistant enabling them to hatch and grow into adult insects despite the cold weather. ‘ Many of these insects perform an important function in the limited cycle of life in tundra environments.

3. ‘ More food for migrating birds

Some migratory birds are clever enough to pass through tundra regions from the south for the abundance of food. ‘ Since the conditions are quite harsh, there is not much competition for these birds when it comes to food sources. ‘ With less birds around, food satisfaction is almost guaranteed in tundra environments. ‘ With abundance in food supply, young birds are also assured of being fed and reared in the seemingly difficult environment.

Although temperatures are always low, tundra regions in the Earth also experience winter, summer, and spring seasons. ‘ It is during the spring and summer months that plant and animal species are able to thrive and grow faster. ‘ At these times of the year, various patches of land will also be covered by green plants instead of the winter’s desert-like environment.

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