Benefits of tonsils

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Benefits of tonsils

People have always wondered the function and benefits of their tonsils. ‘ As for their composition, the two protruding tissues at the back of the mouth are actually part of the body’s lymphatic system. ‘ This means that the tonsils are actually lymphoid tissues that produce infection-fighting cells called lymphocytes. ‘ Although some people argue that the tonsils don’t perform much function for the body, some medical experts actually point out the following benefits of having tonsils:

1. Boost to the body’s immune system

Since tonsils are composed of lymphoid tissues, they actually help in providing the body some balance in terms of fighting of allergens like bacteria and viruses. ‘ The lymphocytes produced by the tonsils are the ones responsible for giving the body some kind of protection from possible infection. ‘ Experts believe that the tonsils are able to provide a localized type of immunity wherein they trap allergens and kill them to maintain normal health.

2. Helps in the transport of lymphatic fluid

The lymphoid tissues in people’s tonsils also function to help in circulating lymphatic fluid in the body. ‘ The transport of this fluid is essential in terms of filtering out allergens and toxins from the body as it passes through different areas. ‘ When there is good filtering, the toxins will be easily eliminated from the body.

3. ‘ Production of antibodies

The tonsils are also helpful in creating immunoglobulins, which are substances that help fight infections particularly in the respiratory system. Through the tonsils, people are able to create antibodies against possible infections involving the lungs, the bronchial tubes, the nasal pathway, and even the ears.

Not many people may be convinced of the benefits that people get from their tonsils with some arguing that removing them won’t even cause any harm. ‘ But the fact that the tonsils are able to produce lymphocytes, it simply means that they contribute to the overall immunity of the body against infections.

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