Benefits Of Tonic Water

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Benefits of Tonic Water

If you enjoy drinking liquor, gin for that matter, you can decide to take your drink together with tonic water. Tonic water is popularly used to prevent malarial due to its preventive effects and is often mixed with liquor to reduce the bitter taste. It contains quinines as its main ingredient, which provides many health benefits.

1. Treats muscle spasm

Tonic water contains quinine, an active ingredient that can help relax the muscles, therefore is beneficial to patients who suffer from spasm. Drinking tonic water is also an effective remedy for people with tight or sore muscles. Tonic water however, is not used to treat any disease but quinine found in it has many medicinal properties.

2. Reduces stress

Tonic water is high in sugar since it is a carbonated drink. Studies have shown that tonic water can help alleviate stress or cases where you need higher caloric content. However, you should avoid excessive consumption if you are trying to lose weight as it contains significant amount of calories.

3. Great post-workout drink

Tonic water also acts a healthy sports drink, especially for athletes who require consumption of high amounts of water after intensive exercise. For instance, drinking tonic water after jogging can help you recover faster.

4. Moderates consumption of alcohol

Unlike alkaline water, tonic water contains sweetness and fizz. It can also help folks trying to moderate their intake of alcohol. Moreover, it can supply you with the much needed energy after a long days’ work.

5. Boosts energy levels

Feeling tired throughout? Well, tonic water can help to increase energy levels in your body, especially after intensive exercise.

Excessive consumption of tonic water might cause nausea, restlessness, vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea. These effects often worsen when your mix tonic water with alcohol. For this reason, make sure you moderate your consumption to evade the aforementioned side effects.

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