Benefits Of Til Seeds

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Benefits of Til Seeds

Til seeds are mostly used in Indian cooking and grow from the sesame flowering plant which is found in parts of Africa and India. The seeds usually grow in pods. Til seeds can be added to hot oil or roasted to help them release their flavor and aroma into the dish. Because they are thought to have heat giving properties, most people consume them more during cold seasons. The following are more benefits of these seeds.

1. Manufactures beauty products
Til seeds are known for being wonderful ingredients for many skin and beauty products. They have a distinctively nutty and sweet aroma and when processed, consistency wise, they become neither too thick nor too thick. Because of some of their minerals, they cure the skin of psoriasis, blemishes and eczema.

2. Source of minerals
Til seeds have many health benefits. They are a source of copper, manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B1 and diet ary fiber. Consequently, they have cholesterol lowering effects on humans. They are able to increase vitamin E and prevent high blood pressure in animals.

3. Food value
Til seeds kernels are a nourishing food and have been used for many years as food source. The seeds can be added to several menu items to add taste, eye appeal and texture. A famous snack made by til seeds are sesame crackers which are nutritious and easy to prepare.

4. Relieves mental disorders
Til seeds taken with hot water daily help reduce spasmodic pain which is associated with menstruation. Using it regularly prior to the periods will cure scanty mensuration and offer relief for pain and discomfort.

However as useful and nutritious as til seeds are to people, they might have adverse effects on others. Til seeds can cause abortion if taken by pregnant women regularly. Meanwhile, others suffer from skin allergy after ingesting til seeds.

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