Benefits of Television Advertising

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Benefits of Television Advertising

Television advertising relies on visual and sound effects, making it a great advertising medium. These effects can be utilized to entice the audience and reinforce their rates of retention through using both video and audio. Further down are benefits of television advertising.

1. Several communication methods

Radio advertising only appeals to the sense of hearing of the listeners. However, television advertising uses both senses of vision and hearing as well. Through appealing to various senses, a TV advertisement is more engaging to an audience. The sale price of a certain product can be vocalized during the advertisement and later reinforced using a graphic image on the TV. The use of high quality graphics makes remembering the product much easier than simply listening to it in a radio advertisement.

2. Large appeal

Television is watched by many people for various reasons. Some people watch TV to receive the latest financial information and news, while others usually enjoy entertainment like viewing comedy shows, sports and drama shows. Actually, the television is watched by people of different ages as well as races. Due to the large numbers and variety of people who watch TV, advertising on television is therefore cost effective method of reaching many people.

3. Better advertisement visibility

The average person spends about four hours every day watching TV, according to recent studies. This time is basically more than the one spent by people reading a newspaper and listening to a radio. Television advertisements are more visible since many advertisements can be displayed within a four hour period at any time of the day. Since they are usually well created, an advertiser can easily create a large following of people who delight in watching their commercials.

Television advertising, however, is very costly from the initial production of the advertisement to paying the television network for air play.

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