Benefits Of Tailoring

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Benefits of Tailoring

Tailoring refers to the profession of crafting in World of Warcraft. This particular profession provides many advantages to players who choose to use it. Tailors play a huge role in the guilds since they are capable creating accessories for the whole guild, as long as the adequate ingredients have been gathered by members of the guild. Read on if you want to know the benefits of tailoring.

1. Creates various items
Tailoring offers the players the opportunity of creating a great range of products. For instance, you can make cloaks, bags, gear sets and armor items that can be used in another profession. Furthermore, tailors can also create spellthreads, embroideries and also a flying carpet. Such items may prove to be beneficial later on in the game.

2. Spellthreads
Tailors can make spellthreads that offer great statistics improvements for caster classes, leggings and also healings. To be able to create these spellthreads, tailors require raising their reputation with the required faction.

3. Combines with other professions
Tailoring has the benefit of combining well with various other professions in World of Warcraft. The most common profession combination preferred by many players is combining Tailoring together with Enchanting. The two aforementioned professions perfectly balance each other because dust is required for certain kinds of cloth, with disenchanting items produced from Tailoring ensuring plenty of enchanting items. Furthermore, the materials produced can be utilized or sold away for profit.

4. Armor creation
Tailors have the ability of creating several kinds of armor that are suitable for Priests, Warlocks and Mages. Caster classes such as Restoration Druids usually choose to put on cloth gear because of the bonuses offered by such gear with regards to caster linked attributes. When tailors create multi-item pieces that share one visual design and name, they can be given a bonus.
There are very few drawbacks of Tailoring profession, although it takes hard work to collect the necessary ingredients for cloth production.

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