Benefits Of Synthetic Motor Oil

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Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetically oil was originally developed for lubrication purposes to maintain high performance engines. A few years back, synthetic motor was a common alternative for mechanics and car owners. Synthetic motor oil is somehow similar to petroleum-oils, and are both used in many applications independent of each another. However, synthetic oil provides additional advantages as compared to petroleum-based oil.

1. Greater lifespan

The main advantage of synthetic oil that makes it unique is that it has greater lifespan than petroleum oil. In any driving situation, synthetic oil has been proven to have less change intervals as compared to petroleum oil under similar conditions. For instance, synthetic oil has higher changer intervals of around 7,000, which is far greater than 2500 miles for petroleum oil.

2. Better chemical composition

Synthetic oil is more superior than traditional motor oil in respect to chemical composition. Its components undergo through control conditions instead than through natural processes, making it free from impurities like sulfur and phosphorous found in most petroleum motor oils.

3. High performance

Synthetic oil has numerous advantages over petroleum oil. It can also perform better in cold conditions, therefore is suitable for automobile driven in winter. On the other hand, it performs well at high temperatures, making it suitable for racing engines. Due to their chemical composition, synthetic oils are less vulnerable to change of performance as a result of contamination or temperature.

4. Less vulnerable to decomposition

Synthetic motor oil is not vulnerable to evaporation as a result of extended use and is also slow to decay chemically. Nonetheless, it will become contaminated sooner or later, and therefore a regular engine service still has to be observed.

Synthetic motor oil has its limitations as well, for instance, the chemical compounds may wear out on extended use, leading to environmental degradation. In addition, synthetic oil is only suitable for old engines since it has low friction.

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