Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes

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Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is a beneficial tuberous crop that is well known all over the world. The color of the tubers varies from red or purple to white or pale yellow, depending on the soil type, minerals, climate and variety. The following are benefits of eating sweet potatoes.

1. Enhance digestion

Sweet potatoes have high fiber content as compared to that of normal potatoes. It also tastes better. When the above-mentioned factors are joined together with a mineral like magnesium, it greatly helps the digestion process. In addition, it is very simple to digest sweet potatoes as they mainly comprise of starch. They help in soothing the intestines and stomach as well.

2. Boost immunity

Since sweet potatoes comprise of powerful antioxidants including beta carotene, they are great immune boosters. They assist in enhancing the body’s protection against different diseases. In fact, they are very effective in treating congestion of lungs, bronchi and nose, thus providing relief to asthma.

3. Prevent cancer

Sweet potatoes contain lots of antioxidants that help protecting the body against cancer. Beta carotene has beneficial effects against several kinds of cancer including those of kidneys, prostrate, colon, intestines and other vital organs.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Similar to the common potatoes, sweet potatoes also have useful anti-inflammatory effects. These properties are majorly because of the presence of magnesium, vitamin C and beta carotene. It is similarly effective in treating external and internal inflammations.

5. Treats ulcers

Sweet potatoes have soothing effects on the intestines and stomach. The potassium, calcium and beta carotene help to treat stomach ulcers. Its roughage prevents acid formation and constipation, therefore lowering the likelihood of getting ulcers. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of these particular potatoes also lower the inflammation and pain associated with ulcers.

However, individuals with diabetes are advised to steer away from consuming sweet potatoes due their high glycemic index.

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