Benefits Of Sweatshops

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Benefits of Sweatshops

Sweatshops have received bad popularity in the past and even fighting against them has become a misguided and easy cause. Nevertheless, it is essential to realize that there are many benefits of working at sweatshops. Further down is a comprehensive explanation of benefits of sweatshops.

1. Reduce poverty

A key thing that you should keep in mind is that individuals opt to look for employment at workshops without any external forces. They do this job since it is much better than the other alternatives such as begging or prostitution. In fact, sweatshops are believed to lower both malnutrition and poverty significantly.

2. Better opportunities

Citizens of third world countries choose these jobs due to the opportunities they receive from them. It is much better to build sweatshops than to give foreign aid to countries as it provides citizens the chance to earn a living. History shows that sweatshops created through globalization have assisted in lifting many people from poverty in Africa and Asia.

3. Consumer benefits

Consumers also gain from the creation of sweatshops since they get to delight in lower costs of various products and services. The quality of goods produced is high as well and it offers great competition with products from established factories. It is this competition that results in lower prices, thereby benefiting consumers.

4. Enhances living standards

Since sweatshops provide meaningful employment to many people, they can support their families and thus increases their living standards. You might cringe each time you hear that workers are being paid only 5$ for one week’s work, but your reasoning is based on America’s living cost. Using that 5$, these people can feed themselves as well as their families and continue living. If such a company left, most of them would starve.

The disadvantages of sweatshops mainly include very low wages and inhumane working situations among others.

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