Benefits Of Surah Kahf

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Benefits of Surah Kahf

Quran is more than just learning to rehearse the verses, but rather, it involves learning to understand what it says. The noble have worked tirelessly and written books of Tafseer, consisting of Stories, Tafseer, and essential point. After learning to recite the Quran, you must practices what you have learned and spread the teaching to the community. Listed below are the benefits of reciting surah kahf.

1. Recitation
According to Al Baraa’, a person was rehearsing suratul kahf and an animal was presents, (but did not say whether it was a goat or dog or cat – the term animal was just a general term) that became nervous and uneasy. He looked straight up and saw something like a cloud or a mist and was deceived. He mentioned this to PBUH.

2. Immune from Dajjal
Abu Darda said that the prophet (PBUH) said that memorizing the Suratul Kahf can protect you from Dajjal. In addition to that, those who commit their memory to the verse will remain protected from Dajjal.

3. Rewards
Whoever recites the verses frequently will remain in contact with Kiraman Katebeen. Those who read the Holy Book with pauses will have two rewards. Who recites all ten verses on Friday will see a light until the coming week (Al Bayhaqi – Sahih and Al Hakim).

4. Intercession
Whoever memorize the Quran and believed it and accepted its teachings will become Wajib. Allah will receive the intercession from those who have already become the Wajib.

5. Last Ayat
Those who memorize the surah kahf will be asked to recite the Quran in distinct recitation. For example, when you read the Tarteel, you have to return to the point where you recited the last Ayat.

Learn the teaching of the Quran and become it. This is compared to a bag pack filled with fragrance that spreads everywhere.

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