Benefits of substitute teaching

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Benefits of substitute teaching

Substitute teaching is a temporary teaching position that is preferred by some teaching professionals. ‘ Some people also refer to this type of teaching profession as “guest teaching” since the teacher involved acts like a guest to a certain school because his/her stay may only be for a short period of time. ‘ The following are some of the benefits of substitute teaching:

1. Schedule flexibility

The best thing about being a substitute teacher is that one can choose his/her own teaching schedule. ‘ Unlike regularly paid teachers, a substitute teacher can basically choose which days or what time of day he/she will be taking teaching loads or subjects. ‘ With the freedom to choose teaching projects, a substitute teacher will also earn freedom in terms of his/her personal chores and activities.

2. Great experience

Substitute teaching will also mean a great experience especially to new teachers. ‘ Since one will be able to teach at different schools and choose different subjects, various skills will definitely be honed and enhanced. ‘ Basic teaching knowledge may be acquired from school, but only experience from substitute teaching for example can broaden knowledge and enhance abilities and skills for teachers because of the exposure to a variety of educational environments.

3. Assessment guide for the future

Being a substitute teacher is also beneficial in terms of being able to assess one’s professional preferences in the future. ‘ By exposing oneself to different school programs and subjects, one will have a better idea on what is preferred for one’s teaching career and future.

For people who wish to experience new things everyday and are adventurous in terms of choices, substitute teaching may appeal more to them compared to standard teaching jobs. ‘ Substitute teaching is also a great professional choice for those who want to be truly in control of their lives in terms of their time and the subjects they want to teach to others.

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