Benefits Of Stir Fry

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Benefits of Stir Fry

While stir fry might sound evil and unhealthy in the actual sense if the frying is done in the right manner the method may ‘’seal” your food from absorbing fat, thereby reduce your chance of having a pot belly. Listed below are the reasons you should consider stir frying food.

1. Cheap
I know most folks strive to save on grocery but are put down by numerous ads that dictate the best nutrition. In the past few days, I have been on the hunt for exotic ingredients that have been prepared in an appetizing way. This is why I enjoy stir fry gourmet concoction and still have the gratification to tell my friends that their tasty treat was only $3.

2. Convenient
While you may lack the time to shop for grocery, it is always prudent to do so before hand as it not only helps save time but also reduces stress. For example, to save your precious time with respect to stir frying, why not buy pork chops and store them in your freezer. Simply stock your favorite delicacies and save time when your friends come over for a barbeque.

3. Healthy food choice
Chicken stir fry is not only delicious but contains significant amounts of copper per serving. High copper content in chicken fry is good for your bones and blood vessels. This recipe can give you the needed amounts of magnesium, vitamin C, iron, potassium, manganese and phosphorus. Furthermore, chicken fry has lower amounts of calcium and zinc.

4. Boosts immune function
High mineral content in gourmet mixture and chicken stir fry help to enhance immune function, protecting you against risk to disease.
It is advisable to moderate your consumption of chicken stir fry as it is high in cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol can cause the onset of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

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