Benefits Of Soy Wax

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Benefits of Soy Wax

Soy wax, essentially a substitute for paraffin wax, is manufactured from soybeans. Soybeans are highly versatile products and they provide proteins to many people around the globe. Furthermore, soy wax appears to be amongst the best form of natural wax accessible today. It is not only renewable, but it is also cost effective as well. Using soy wax offers the following advantages.

1. Cheap
Soy wax candles are normally quite cost effective in contrast with paraffin. This not only applies to quality, but to quantity as well. Since soy wax burns, slowly and cleaner, it may take longer to burn up as compared to other kinds of candles. This means that once you buy a cheap soy candle, you will go for an extended time period without buying more candles, leading to cost savings.

2. Clean light
Soy wax does not produce black soot when it burns, which is unlike paraffin. Even though soy candles do produce little smoke, this amount is so little that it is only noticeable to very few people. However, you should only purchase a soy candle that is 100% soy, rather than a blend made from mixing paraffin and soy together. Moreover, soy wax does not release lots of soot since it utilizes either hemp or cotton wicks.

3. Versatile
Soy wax may be used for several purposes other than simply lighting up a room. For instance, it may be used for clearing bad odors, especially when used together with other essential oils. Because soy candles usually burn slowly, they can slowly release beneficial oils over an extended time, enabling a slow accumulation of scent. Crafters may also suspend various objects such as flowers and dried leaves as they make soy candles.
Soy wax is still highly expensive in contrast with paraffin as many people are yet to start using them.

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