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Benefits of Soy Nuts

Benefits of Soy Nuts

Soy nuts are regarded like a healthy snack option since they are rich in proteins. These nuts have a similar texture and flavor to peanuts. They are quite tasty and they are accessible in plain, chocolate covered or seasoned forms.

1. Protein source

Soy nuts offer a rich protein source, providing 34g per every 100g serving. Additionally, soy protein has the same quality as the protein present in animal products. Nevertheless, most foods that contain soy protein like soy nuts and soybeans are lesser in fat and calories than animal products like beef. Health experts recommend intake of soy nuts since they contain Omega-3, which is an unsaturated fat that is healthy for consumption. Omega-3 offers benefits to individuals who are at a high risk of the development of heart disease. Besides reducing the danger of arrhythmia, Omega-3 helps lower cholesterol and slows down the growth of arterial clogging plaque.

2. Nutrient-rich food

Soy nuts contain many nutrients in a single serving. One ounce offers 11g protein, 1g saturated fats, 126 calories, 2g fiber and 8g carbohydrates. Furthermore, soy nuts offer vitamin B2, vitamin K and it meets the daily recommended value of these key nutrients. Many minerals such as potassium, manganese, copper, phosphorous and magnesium can be found in soy nuts. These minerals and vitamins are necessary for optimal health and they aid many bodily functions like promoting nervous, cardiovascular and skeletal systems and also encouraging energy metabolism.

3. Treats hypertension

When taken together with a healthy nutrition, soy nuts reduce blood pressure, especially in women experiencing menopause. Studies show that groups of women who consumed soy nuts experienced both diastolic and systolic blood pressure drops of nearly 7 and 10 percent respectively. Through lowering blood pressure, soy nuts assist in reducing the chances of getting heart complications.

To receive all these benefits, consume soy nuts regularly but in moderation.

Benefits of Soy Nuts

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