Benefits Of Silicon

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Benefits of Silicon

Silicon is a white powder that occurs naturally in nature. It is widely used as an absorbent in making lotions and creams, and is also believed to have overall body benefits. Silicon is used to treat a wide array of diseases due to therapeutic effects, thus you need to incorporate it into your daily nutrition to reap its benefits.

1. Strengthens bones

The bone has high silica content which forms an essential component known as collagen, which helps to build strong bones. The relationship between calcium and silica is fundamental in regards to dental health and development of stronger bones. In fact, studies have shown that silica may be effective for maintaining stronger bones compared to calcium, but research is still ongoing.

2. Cardiovascular health

Silica in substantial amount creates supple veins and arteries that can help in eradicating plaque of the arteries. Moreover, it reduces accumulation of calcium on the artery walls, which is associated to common cardiovascular complications such as atherosclerosis. Therefore, silicon forms an excellent nutritional plan to patients with heart problems, including heart attack and stroke.

3. Aids in digestion

It also helps to reduce common digestive disorders such as acid reflux and constipation, as well as irregular bowel movements. Since most of these disorders involve deterioration of the stomach lining, silica plays a role in rebuilding these tissues.

4. Boosts immune system

Apart from improving cardiovascular health, silicon also maintains healthy skin. This is important since the skin is always vulnerable to naturally occurring viruses, pathogens and bacteria.

5. Reduces Alzheimer’s risk

Silicon reduces aluminum toxicity which is associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, research has shown that silicon bonds with aluminum, which prevents the absorption of aluminum in the intestines.

Since we all know that excessive use of chemicals is harmful, ensure you consult an expert before you use silicon or any other chemical for that matter.

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