Benefits Of Silence


Benefits of Silence

Silence has many benefits and simply learning how to focus without sound can reduce your levels of stress dramatically. Taking time for relaxation and meditation during the day can effectively assist to recharge both your mental and physical batteries. Silence offers the following benefits.

1. Provides relaxation

Silence provides the body deep rest and the body’s rhythm slows down. Your heartbeat rate and the breathing rate slow down as well. This helps in relaxing the whole body and it provides the opportunity for letting go of any issue. Instead of going for expensive massages, you can simple rest and get the similar benefits from sitting in silence.

2. Boosts creativity

We are usually required to create new ideas, especially within a school or business or even and NGO. Creativity is about bringing a new idea into being. Thinking is only juggling old ideas and while you might get solutions, it will not develop creativity. In fact, creativity requires the silence where the brain is not thinking. This means you need to quiet your chattering mind to boost creativity. Creativity and silence are one.

3. Develops trust

Silence enables people to trust themselves through giving them time to really listen to their inner voices. You discover your own methods of knowing and you also find out that you are aware of the solutions. It is only that you think other people know a lot more than you and you have thought like that for a long time. By silently listening to your own heart, you will know your inner voice, thereby becoming your own master.

4. Provides balance

Silence enables balance by balancing the natural rhythms of the body. It provides an important balance between the outer and inner self.

The shortcoming of silence is that it may give an incorrect impression of a person. Other people may think that you are odd by practicing silence regularly at your school or workplace.

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    I find this post very interesting. I would like to know more on the subject. Can I ask you to send me some of your sources (studies) where you got the information?

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