Benefits Of Sick Leave

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Benefits of Sick Leave

Sick leave, also called sick pay, refers to the time off from employment that employees can utilize during times of temporary illness to remain at home and take care of their safety and health requirements, without losing their jobs or pay. Some workplaces provide sick leave like a kind of policy whereas in other places, it is ordered by law. Find out the benefits of sick leave from reading the following article.

1. Benefits children
Most children tend to recover faster if their parents cared for them while they were sick. Yet most of the working fathers and mothers do not have sick leave for taking care of sick children. Research has clearly showed that kids whose parents or guardians have an access to sick pay have a better likelihood of taking time off from their jobs. Without paid sick leave, workers end up sending sick kids to school and other institutions where they can spread the illness.

2. Benefits workers
Employees are supposed to remain at home when they are ill and also for keeping sick children from going to school. However, if workers continued going to work even when they are sick, they could place their colleagues at risk of getting infections. In addition, failing to take time off when sick can also worsen health complications and extend time for recovery. Through sick leave policies, workers can easily take time off and not worry about losing their posts.

3. Employer benefits
When an organization takes good care of its employees, they have a better chance of retaining them. Furthermore, when employees are given the great security of sick pay, they experience heightened productivity, morale and commitment. Employers thus benefit from lower training costs and improved work satisfaction.

The drawback is that workers normally view sick leave like vacation and go to work even once they are ill.

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