Benefits Of Scrum

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Benefits of Scrum

Scrum is a popular management technique that provides companies with an interactive approach to managing projects. Scrum is considered to be a holistic approach to business development that enables project managers to adjust the service or product in a way that suits consumer’s expectations. Here are some of the benefits of scrum in development processes.

1. Improves innovation

Before any product is deemed fit for shipping, it has to pass through several processes. In scrum, products undergo through a phase known as a sprint where the team members identify whatever features customer wants implemented. Once this process has been completed, the team manager and product owner review the product and then decide what needs more work in the next phase. After going through these stages, the product is considered fit for shipping.

2. Fewer mistakes

Since the client has the opportunity to participate in all the meetings that help to evaluate the development process, no unnecessary features will be placed on the product. In simple terms, scrum is implemented to work on the set priorities within a certain time frame, popularly known as the sprint. All features and items that should be put in place are discussed in the meeting to ensure there is no excess, or waste for that matter.

3. Saved priorities

Because the team sticks to the list of items the owner wishes placed in the product, which are reviewed at each sprint, money is not wasted on implementing features that are of no use to the owner. Although the owner may require additional features after the sprint, scrum works according to the priorities agreed upon in the meeting.

The main drawback to this methodology is that only team members are involved in decision making. Moreover, practical application of scrum can be discouraging when the client is not satisfied with the product.

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