Benefits Of Sage Herb

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Benefits of Sage Herb

Sage herb has a soft and sweet flavor together with amazing health promoting effects that make it popular across the globe. Powdered, fresh or dried whole sage herb is accessible all through the year. The uses of sage range from simple culinary uses to some complex medicinal uses. Discussed further below are the benefits of sage herb.

1. Benefits teeth
The tender branches of sage herb continue to be utilized in many areas of the world, especially in India, like herbal toothbrushes. Sage cleans the teeth and oral cavity effectively and it also has gum strengthening effects. In fact, this herb is widely utilized in most herbal toothpastes because it is thought that its high tannins content is beneficial in destroying harmful bacteria. Ulcerated throat, relaxed throat and tonsils are treated using sage gargle.

2. Eases menopausal symptoms
With effective estrogenic chemicals, sage herb is vital for easing menopausal symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, hot flushes, dizziness, palpitations and night sweating. In addition, sage herb also facilitates menstrual bleeding. It also treats other problems related to PMS like cramps and menstrual pain.

3. Enhances nerve function
When sage herb is used to produce a healthy herbal tea, it is useful in hyper-stimulation or excitement of nerves. Its extract or infusion boosts memory while stimulating and alerting the senses. The tonic action that sage herb has on the nerves aid in eliminating headaches caused by nervousness.

4. Fumigation
Burning the leaves of sage herb releases a fume that is then used for cleansing a room or house to eliminate negative energies. While this may appear ridiculous, this practice is widely practiced in Ayurveda. Frequently doing so ensures that negative energy is kept away from your house.

Nevertheless, taking large amounts of sage over extended periods could possibly cause convulsion and rapid heartbeat because of its thujone content.

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