Benefits Of Royal Jelly

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Benefits of Royal Jelly

Royal jelly supposedly treats many ailments and forms a great diet ary supplement. The gelatinous substance is secreted by worker bees to help feed the queen and larvae in the bee hive. It is extremely nutritious so people now believe that it provides wide array of health benefits.

1. Treats certain types of cancer

Recent studies have shown that royal jelly has dramatic impact on cancerous cell, thereby may help to alleviate the risk of certain types of cancer. It has radio and chemo-therapy effects that prevent the growth of tumor cells.

2. Alleviates depression

Royal jelly also has sedative effects on depressed or manic people. It acts as an antidepressant and may help improve your mood when your feel negative emotions such as sadness, sorrow, fear and so forth. Moreover, it helps alleviate emotional problems or anxiety in women who are menopause.

3. Improves the immune system

It contains gamma globulin and essential amino acids that improve function of the immune system, providing protection against infections and diseases. Royal jelly is also a great antibiotic, thus help to kill all types of microbes and bacteria.

4. Skin health

Worried about premature aging signs? Want to eliminate those unsightly facial features that make you appear old? Well, royal jelly has effective antibacterial properties, which help you keep the signs of aging at bay, leaving your skin smooth and fair. You will also realize that it can treat many facial problems including pimples, acne, skin blemish and so forth.

5. Reduces the risk of arthritis

Royal jelly also prevents the development of arthritis, according to recent studies. Many people now believe that it increases sexual stamina in men.

Besides having many health benefits, royal jelly is also potentially dangerous since it might cause hypersensitive reactions. People with allergies often present side effects like hives, anaphylactic shock and asthma after using royal jelly.

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