Benefits Of Rooting Android

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Benefits of Rooting Android

Rooting your phone or getting root is a process whereby you modify the operating system on your phone to help you overcome limitations put by the manufacturers and carriers on your phone and even extend system functionality. Although carriers and manufactures don’t approve rooting, they can’t prevent it since rooting normally exploits the device drivers or operating systems.

1. Full control over your phone

You can use themes, alter system files, change boot images, delete stock apps, like Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile and Sprint’s NFL mobile, and other applications that you may find annoying (voice dialer, foot prints, etc.).

2. Back up the system

Rooting allows you to back the entire system on your SD card. This is fantastic if you like to set up a new operating system since you can back up the applications in your SD card, wipe it completely. If you don’t find it satisfying, just restore all the applications from the back up system. ROM manager is a special program the boots outside the devices operating system.

3. Save additional space on your device

Cache data makes for a fast system. For instance, rooting can save applications like browser cache on your memory car in order to free up space. Although the process is not complicated, it requires a bit of expertise. Storing the application on the internal memory can slow your phone down.

4. Run Special Applications

You can turn your device to a wireless access point and then share your internet connection with computer near you, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These applications are easy to manage since you don’t need to run a special server and clients on your phone.

5. Use custom themes

Once your device is rooted, you can enjoy more theming options. You can skin your device to any level that suits your preference.

Obviously, there are potential risks associated to rooting. If your CPU gets clocked, your phone can malfunction due to overheating. For that reason, it is advisable to approach overclocking with extreme caution.

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