Benefits Of Rocks

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Benefits of Rocks

Rocks are typically classified according to their chemical and mineral composition, as well as their texture. Classification of rock is separated into three groups namely, igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks. These types of rocks are further classified according to their size and texture. This article aims at highlighting the common uses of rocks in our day to day activities.

1. Fosters technological and cultural development
Rocks have an array of uses that gradually impact the technological and cultural development of our lives. They have been used for decades by humans for a variety of purposes. Lithic artifacts mark the period of old and continuously applied technologies. Mining, on the other hand has been an essential step of human innovation, and is practiced extensively in different parts of the world.

2. Building roads
Rock aggregates help in the construction of roads. Basically, aggregates are small pieces of rocks that are used in driveways and roadsides. Sometimes they are not easily seen since they have been mixed to create concrete. Aggregate can also be mixed with other components such as tar to create bitumen, commonly used on yards.

3. Consumables
We use or consume minerals and rocks every day. For starters, the salt you take is a form of mineral while the gritty stuff in your toothpaste is known as pumice. Did you known that folks in Canada consume the most sodium chloride? This is because they have lots of snow and far stretched roads. As a result, they use salt on the sidewalks and roads during winter.

4. Decorations
Most people decorate their homes with sculptors mad of soapstone, jade and marble. Many minerals and rocks are aesthetic therefore create many decorative items.

Mining of rocks often leaves the land unfertile and pose environmental hazards. Also, workers are always at risk of accidents when mining.

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