Benefits Of RN

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Benefits of RN

RN signifies registered nurse and this particular profession offers several benefits. The benefits of registered nurses can add a significant difference in their salaries as well as other perks. Here are benefits of being a registered nurse.

1. Extensive insurance

Registered nurses benefit from extensive insurance covering dental, vision and other medical problems. In fact, certain employers pay the whole amount for the employees, which is highly beneficial. There is a great range of choices to choose from if you are a registered nurse including low deductible and high deductible options. Medical premiums are usually about $500 each month per worker.

2. Nurse health

Most hospitals nowadays include about $250 worth of lab work every year for all registered nurses. These tests include urine analysis, total blood count, PSA and also a complete chemical panel. In certain hospitals, you can even get free EKG tracings and X-rays. Even though these tests are not usually interpreted by physicians, they are a good method of making certain that nurses always remain healthy. The tests provide a chance for early detection of any health problem and subsequent treatment.

3. Retirement benefits

Registered nurses are eligible for a retirement plan known as 403B or 401K. If you are working at an infirmary that provides this particular benefit, you are advised to ask how much your employer is willing to match your contributions. Most companies usually match their employers’ contributions up to about 7% of their base salaries. This benefit can reach an amount of $35,000 each year placed into your retirement account.

4. Holiday

Aside from being simply given a holiday time, a registered nurse also gets holiday wages. You can also work during your holidays if you want to receive an extra premium.

Registered nurses however are required to work for a very long period during the day, which might easily result in excessive tiredness.

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