Benefits of Rehmannia

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Benefits of Rehmannia

Rehmannia is an herb which is used as a medicine in China. Traditional medicines like herbs, shrubs, plants, etc., hold an important place in places like China. Rehmannia is very popular in China. Its scientific name is Rehmannia glutinosa. The root of rehmannia contains the maximum medicinal value of the plant. It has a yellow-hued flower as well. Based on one’s requirements one can consume it raw or cooked. It is also known as DI Huang in China.

Controls bone loss

Women lose bone strength with a disease called osteoporosis. It has been proven that consumption of rehmannia medicine helps in controlling bone loss to a great extent.

Cools the body

Rehmannia is a medicine which is also used in fever. It is said that the vitamin contained in the medicine helps the body to cool down. It helps to bring down the temperature. It also cures the weakness caused by the fever. It helps in controlling the internal heat of the body.

Purifies blood

The medicine rehmannia helps to stop vaginal bleeding as well as blood in ulcers. It helps in healing both internal and external bleeding. It cleans the blood and helps in decreasing blood pressure.

Cures kidney conditions

Kidney imbalances result in weakness in the legs and lower back and also in hearing loss, which can be cured by the medicine called rehmannia. It balances the kidney and helps it function normally. It also purifies the kidney.

Lowers blood sugar level

Rehmannia helps to lower blood sugar level, which nowadays is a common problem in this generation. It also helps in reducing high blood pressure. One of the other benefits of the medicine is to protect the liver.

Helps in treating adrenal gland disorders

One of the main characteristics of rehmannia is that it helps in treating adrenal gland disorders.

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