Benefits Of Reforestation

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Benefits of Reforestation

Reforestation is described as planting of woodlands and forests that have been washed out. Reforestation can improve our quality of life as it helps bring balance to the ecosystem, which in turn keeps global warming at bay. Most shrubs and trees in communities or cities are planted in order to provide shade or beauty. These are the most obvious reasons for reforestation.

1. Stabilizes slopes

Mudslides normally occur in areas where trees have been felled. Since grasses are incapable of holding the soil, floods and mudslide occur and claim thousands of lives (for example Haiti after the hurricane). Planting trees in slopes is a surefire way of stabilizing slopes in areas that are prone to flooding and mudslides.

2. Water holding areas

Trees and woodlands also act as water reservoirs as they prevent the occurrence of flash floods. In addition to that, because of their storage capacity, they keep water in ponds and streams – which is used when water is scarce.

3. Habitat

Planting tropical rain forests also create biological habitats that allow wildlife, such as monkeys to move around natural woodland areas. Reforestation also helps restore certain forest species that almost face extinction. With that said, planting trees is essential in dry areas to attract rainfall.

4. Jobs

Reforestation also provides many job opportunities to people who lack the skills needed in other sectors. Planting trees can therefore generate employment, especially to the local people. Besides planting trees, woodlands store carbon and prevent global warming.

5. Environmental Benefits

Woodlands alter our environment by conserving water, providing fresh air, harboring wildlife, and moderating climate. In the cold season, we value radiant energy from the sun. It is therefore important to plant deciduous or small trees on sloppy and dry areas.

By planting shrubs and trees, we get an array of social and environmental benefits.

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