Benefits Of Recycling Paper

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Benefits of Recycling Paper

Recycling paper are familiar terms which almost everyone has encountered with at one point in time. This is a process where old papers or products made of paper are manufactured and thereafter turned into new paper products which are usable. Instead of disposing off these papers, recycling is cheaper as the products use 60% less energy than manufacturing these products from new materials. As paper comes from trees, making it is relatively easy. The following are benefits of recycling paper;-

1. Safe and healthy
Using recycled papers entirely means less bleaching agents. As such the use of chlorine is also reduced and this addresses the issue of creating a healthy atmosphere which is conducive for people, animals and plants to live in. The bleaching agents used in preparing paper products uses dioxide a product which can cause cancer when mixed with other compounds.

2. Preserves the environment
Using recycled papers is environmentally preferable because they save on the number of trees being cut. Unlike manufacturing new papers, using recycled papers means that fewer trees are being cut from the fields and this consecutively maintains a proper eco system. The trees maintain water sources, upgrade soil quality, improve climate and provide shelter for man and livestock. Aside from all these, they also beautify the environment and landscapes providing a good and clean atmosphere.

3. Creates jobs
Recycled paper has to be taken to the factory for the manufacture of more reasonable paper products. This creates job opportunities for the people who collect, sort and work the machines just to mention a few. The more papers are recycled, the more job opportunities are created.

However in as much as recycling paper is very important and beneficial to both the environment, man and plants, the quality of paper after a product is manufactured from recycled paper is usually of low quality.

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