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Benefits Of Raw Milk

Benefits of Raw Milk

Raw milk basically refers to unpasteurized or untreated milk. The trend of drinking raw milk originates from America, with trendy New Yorkers and Californians popularly known for consuming raw milk. The cows responsible for the production of raw milk are fed especially well for producing milk of high quality that does not contain the chemicals present in most shop purchased milk. Drinking raw milk offers the following health benefits.

1. Excellent protein source

Raw milk comprises of amino acids that are used for building protein. Most of the proteins presents in raw milk are very simple to digest and have vital physiological effects. Proteins are especially helpful for athletes and body builders as it enables them effectively build muscles. Furthermore, raw milk contains a complex type of proteins referred to as antibodies that assist to offer resistance to various bacterial toxins and viruses and could possibly assist in alleviating asthma symptoms. If milk is pasteurized, it loses most of these vital antibodies.

2. Contains various minerals

Raw milk has a great selection of helpful minerals that range from the common phosphorous and calcium to various trace minerals. Calcium helps in enhancing both bone and teeth health. It also lowers risk of getting kidney stones, dental cavities, fractures and osteoporosis in older people. Raw milk also provides magnesium and phosphorous, which are vital for healthy functioning of the body.

3. High vitamin content

A major health benefit of raw milk is that it is inclusive of the two types of vitamins, including fat and water soluble vitamins. These vitamins help in regulating the metabolism and assisting biochemical reactions responsible for producing energy. Raw milk does not require any additives since it is a complete meal.

Nevertheless raw milk also has several demerits. Since it contains harmful bacteria, referred to as pathogens, it could possibly make you ill.

Benefits Of Raw Milk

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  1. Don’t forget various pathogens like E.coli which will result in bloody diarrhea

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