Benefits Of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

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Benefits of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Raw apple cider vinegar is a highly popular alternative health remedy in use nowadays. Actually, Hippocrates is believed to have made use of apple cider vinegar like an antibiotic. The following are benefits of using raw apple cider vinegar.

1. Animal benefits

The benefits of raw apple cider vinegar extend to animals like dogs, cats, horses and cows and others. It is popularly used like a health tonic for deterring insects like ticks, fleas and mosquitos. Furthermore, it is also used to provide relief to skin conditions caused by ticks and even to eliminate the skunk smell.

2. Promotes weight loss

There are quite a number of claims that using raw apple cider vinegar when working out promotes effective weight loss. In such cases, the vinegar is included in the preparation of salad dressings or drinking a tablespoonful of vinegar diluted in one glass of water two times every day. Moreover, frequently using this vinegar is thought to have beneficial effects on both cholesterol and blood pressure.

3. Treats dandruff

This particular vinegar is given to people in the herbal medicine for eliminating dandruff problems. It works by killing the fungus that causes dandruffs as well as maintain proper PH levels in the scalp. Most people recommend the application of a mixture of raw apple cider vinegar and water onto the scalp, then leaving it there for a while before rinsing.

3. Culinary benefits

An interesting benefit of making use of raw apple cider vinegar is that it is a versatile ingredient for cooking. It adds an appealing flavor to most drinks and also deepens flavors in foods. In fact, vinegar is used as a key ingredient in many condiments nowadays.

While raw apple cider vinegar has various benefits, it is vital to note there are various demerits linked to its use. The acetic acid content of raw apple cider vinegar makes it very harsh and thus you require diluting it before any use.

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