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Benefits Of Raspberry

raspberryBenefits Of Raspberry

Raspberry a member of the family Rosaceae is abundantly available from May through November. But with advancement in agricultural techniques Raspberries can now be obtained all through the year. Raspberries are available in bright colors of golden red and black. The red variety is the most common variety available for use. Raspberries have numerous medicinal properties. Their astringent, antispasmodic, stimulant, properties make it highly beneficial for health.

1.Helps to boost up the immune system.
Raspberry is a delectable fruit which contains rich quantities of powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients. These help to boost up the immune system and improve the body’s ability to fight diseases and infections.

2.Benefits to women.
Fresh or dried raspberry leaves are used in the form of herbal teas for regulating menstrual cycles in females. They also help to reduce the heavy menstrual flow in patients suffering from this problem.

3.Acts as antioxidant for the body.
Raspberries contain rich amount of antioxidant known as Ellagic acid. This helps to protect the body cells from getting damaged. It also helps to slow down the growth of abnormally developing in the body. This helps to prevent fatal diseases like cancer. Various kinds of processing methods like freezing, heating, or concentration does not harm the structure and benefits of Ellagic acid.

4.Benefits to diabetics.
Raspberries help to balance the levels of glucose in the body. Thus it is very useful for diabetics.

5.Helps prevent heart diseases.
Salicylic acid present in raspberries slow down the process of atherosclerosis i.e. hardening of arteries. Raspberries also contain anthocyanins that are very helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases. They also slow down the process of aging of the cells and the body as a whole.

6.Soothes the kidney.
Regular use of raspberries helps to relieve urinary irritation. It produces a soothing effect on the kidneys and the urinary tract.

7.Benefits to would be and new mothers.
Raspberry tea is used as a herbal teas since earlier times for relieving nausea in pregnant women. It helps to reduce pain, and eases the process of childbirth. Consumption of raspberries also increases the amount of lactating mothers after childbirth.

8.Dental benefits.
The astringent qualities of raspberries make it useful for gargling and as a mouthwash. It helps to treat many oral inflammations including bleeding gums.

With so many benefits for the whole body raspberries should be included in diet by all people. Take it the form of a beverage, juice or eat them raw and stay healthy.

Benefits Of Raspberry

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