Benefits Of Randomized Controlled Trials

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Benefits of Randomized Controlled Trials

RCTs, commonly known as randomized controlled trials are used to determine the effectiveness of a healing intervention and eliminate all the biases related to experimental designs. There are a number of positive results that have facilitated the introduction of advanced technology, for instance streptokinase. However, medical practitioners suggest that RCTs are not efficient particularly when it comes to doing RCTs of diagnostic and surgical technologies.

1. Eliminates biases
Studies designs, for instance non-randomized trials can detect the link between therapeutic intervention and the outcome. Nonetheless, it is not possible to determine if the intervention was affected by another factor linked to the outcome. In other simple terms, random control trials certify there are no systematic variances between the two intervention groups, both known and unknown.

2. Safe for testing
You may want to participate in one of these interventions. For instance, many therapies, drugs and devices have successfully been tested on humans and found useful with no adverse effects whatsoever. On the other hand, fewer trials have been done on women and children. Participation in clinical trial is therefore a sure way to determine the usefulness of a drug or treatment.

3. No extra expense
The protocols and drugs provided during a clinical trial are usually offered at no extra cost to those willing to participate. With that said, you should consider clinical trials if you are not able to afford the treatment or drugs that you need.

4. High success rate
If you happen to have an infection or ailment that is chronic and has no treatment, participating in random controlled trials may prove useful because it can help cure your disease even before the treatment is made available to the public. In addition to that, doctors have to test the efficiency of a regimen with the hopes of providing better treatment.

As mentioned earlier, RCTs are limited when they are done on diagnostic and surgical technologies.

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