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Benefits of rammed earth

Benefits of rammed earth

Rammed earth is a wall construction technique using natural items such as earth, gravel, and chalk among others.  Rammed earth walls have been known to be very easy to construct but provide strength and protection from the weather.  The basic concept of rammed earth construction involves a high compression ratio for the earth and other components.  This will then result to very thick walls that will look and feel very solid.  Rammed earth wall construction can provide the following benefits:

1. More savings

The materials used for rammed earth wall construction is considered “all-natural” and not much is actually wasted during and after the building process.  Using soil, gravel, sand, and clay will result to little wastage as these are all natural products.  And since the materials are sourced from the natural environment, the cost of building rammed earth walls is much lower than other types of construction techniques.

2. Weather protection

Rammed earth walls are typically thick enough to provide comfort inside one’s home. In cases where the temperature outside is very high for example, the inside of a building will still be cool enough because of the thermal insulation provided by the walls.  Not even an air-conditioning unit is needed to provide cool air inside a building made through the rammed earth technique.

3. Fire safety

The materials used in rammed earth construction are also non-combustible and so gives protection from hazards like fire.  Walls and/or houses made through the rammed earth technique basically give the people living inside some peace of mind when it comes to fire-related incidents.

Rammed earth construction has become popular in the ancient times because of its practicality and other benefits.  Today, some people apply this technique to take advantage of the weather protection it gives and the resulting efficient use of energy when houses are built this way.

Benefits of rammed earth

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