Benefits Of Rainforests

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Benefits of Rainforests

The timelessness of rainforests is absolutely indescribable and offers an awe-inspiring feeling. In other words, it is almost impossible to describe its beauty in words. Rainforests have been part of us for decades as they serve as habitats for living organisms, both plant and animal species – all which contribute vast resources for our survival. These resources include basic commodities such as raw materials, spices, fuel, shelter and clothing.

1. Economical value
Fruits, oils, nuts and other plant extracts like rubber and chocolate, when harvested in large quantities, yield substantial economic value. Large scale harvesting of plant extracts can provide long-term profits as well as income generation provided measures are set in place to protect rainforests. With that said, rainforest provide significant financial value than when burned down on a large scale for timber.

2. Environmental benefits
High demand of ecologically harvested forest products is vital for preservation measures to succeed. For this reason, it is prudent to buy rainforest products to support the economy which in turn provides the solution to cutting down rainforest only for timber. This way, we can create a sizeable market for forest products while supporting preservation efforts at the same time.

3. Habitat for animals
Rainforest play an essential role in the environment both directly and indirectly. For instance, a large population of plant and animal species dwell in these habitats. Millions of various parts of the world come from different species of rainforests.

While rainforests provide a number of economical and environmental benefits, they face extinction when burned down for timber.

Nonetheless, the composition of rainforests is not suitable for growing crops. This simply means that rainforests are useful to man as they provide vast resources, including fresh water, plants, and oxygen as well.

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