Benefits Of Radiology

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Benefits of Radiology

Radiology is the part of medicine responsible for using radioactive substances like X-rays for diagnosing and treating a disease. There are numerous benefits of pursuing a radiology career. Here are some benefits of radiology.

1. Great salary

A notable benefit of opting for the radiology career is that the salary offered is very lucrative. The average salary given to sonographers is about $62,000 per year, with opportunities for a higher pay after getting some experience. This amount is about $25 per hour and also additional pay for on-call and overtime assignments.

2. Extensive options

The range of options is another advantage of radiology, particularly if you choose general radiology. This is because general radiologists make use of X-ray and mammography so as to create pictures of the internal organs for viewing fetuses and treating illnesses. Another good option in radiology is nuclear radiology, which has a great demand.

3. Vision coverage

Employees in the radiology field are provided vision coverage. The reason for this that impaired vision may easily affect the abilities of a radiologist. For example, they may miss an important indicator in a patient’s image. Actually, the employer’s interests are normally protected through investing in vision insurance of radiologists. Aside from vision coverage, most radiologists are provided dental coverage as well.

4. Travel benefits

Most employers as well as radiology placement firms mainly specialize in employing radiologists who usually travel out of the town for the provision of specialized services inaccessible from people in that location. In such instances, all travel expenses will be included like an employment benefit. The travel benefits normally include meal allowance, paid lodging and mileage reimbursement while on radiology assignment.

The main drawback linked to radiology is the fact that it uses radiation. Excess exposure to radiation may cause cancer as well as other health problems.

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