Benefits of Radiation Therapy

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Radiation therapy is specifically designed for maximizing tumor effect, while minimizing effect on the normal tissues. That is why radiation therapy is provided like several series of small doses, instead of a couple of large doses. Get some of the main benefits of radiation therapy here below.

1. Cancer treatment

Radiation therapy is used for treatment of various kinds of cancer. This kind of treatment utilizes X-rays of a high energy to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy might be used solely on its own or when combined together with other kinds of treatment like surgery and also chemotherapy to cure and control cancer.

2. Convenience

This kind of tumor treatment offers convenience as it can be finished within minutes. Actually, radiation therapy is quickly administered in one session. This is not only convenient for the patients, but it is also more comfortable. As such, patients can rapidly resume their everyday activities as soon as they finish radiation treatment.

3. Pain free

Radiation therapy offers the benefit of being painless. Furthermore, it does not cause any damage to the adjacent health organs as well as other tissues. This results in better results from the therapy since the dose of radiation is normally delivered with a great level of accuracy. Patients undergoing radiation therapy therefore do not feel pain during or after the procedure.

4. Limited side effects

There are fewer adverse effects linked to using radiation therapy as compared to other cancer treatment options like chemotherapy. The high accuracy of delivering radiation doses ensures that only targeted cancer cells will be affected. In contrast, chemotherapy does not such a high accuracy as the treatment is administered into the blood.

As radiation therapy demands the patient to stay completely still during the treatment, anesthesia is required for every treatment. In general, there is a slight danger linked to anesthesia.

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