Benefits Of Pumpkin seeds

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pumpkinBenefits Of Pumpkin seeds

All of us include pumpkin as a vegetable in our diets. But we usually discard the pumpkin seeds considering it as a waste. But, pumpkin seeds not only taste good but are also highly beneficial to our health. They contain good quantities of minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and manganese. They also are rich in nutrients like proteins, vitamin K and tryptophan. The many benefits of this low calorie vegetable and its seeds are:

1.Help to protect the prostrate.
Intake of pumpkin helps to protect the prostate gland in men from serious diseases like cancer. Oils present in the prostate help to suppress the growth and multiplication of prostate cells. Intake of pumpkin seeds help to promote the overall health of prostate and also alleviates the problems associated with urination because of enlarged prostate.

2.Help to cure psychological problems like depression.
The seeds of pumpkin contain a compound known as L-tryptophan. Intake of this compound through these seeds helps to fight against depression.

3.Act as an anti inflammatory substance for arthritis.
Pumpkin seeds act as an anti-inflammatory drug for treating problem of aching joints and diseases like arthritis. Another added benefit is that there are no side effects associated with the use of these seeds in patients of arthritis.

4.Help to remove parasitic worms from the body.
ParasitesÂ’ like tapeworms and roundworms cause many problems in the human systems. Pumpkin seeds have long been in use for treating problems associated with these parasites. They immobilize these parasites and intestinal worms and remove them out of the body. Intake of these seeds with juice should be followed by intake of laxative for clearing the bowels so that worms are successfully removed out of the body.

5.Aids to control cholesterol levels.
IfÂ’ high cholesterolÂ’ is a concern of yours, then take notice of what’s packed into pumpkin seed oil contains healthy phytosterols, fatty acids, alpha-carotene, lutein, beta-carotene, and antioxidant like selenium and zinc. Intake of sufficient quantities of these seeds helps to control levels of cholesterol in the body. They also reduce and prevent the side effects that are caused by medicines prescribed for high cholesterol.

6.Help to cure kidney stones.
Pumpkin seeds contain omega fatty acids, amino acids and steroidal compounds. Intake of these compounds through these seeds helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

7.Help prevent the risk of fatal diseases like cancer.
Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols that are considered to be helpful in reducing the risk of diseases like cancer.

There are so many benefits of consuming pumpkin seeds that you might now be interested to include them in your diet. However keep taking the prescribe doses of medicines along with these seeds and stay healthy.

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