Benefits of Pudina Leaves

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Pudina or mint is a flowering plant. Mint leaves are aromatic and they are mostly perennial plants. These plants usually grow in cool areas and are very beneficial. They have a number of health benefits and the medicinal properties provide relief from many ailments.

1. Skin care

Mint is a pimple cure. People suffering from acne and pimple breakouts are often suggested to apply the juice of crushed mint leaves on the affected area. Its cooling and antiseptic properties help in curing breakouts. Pudina is often used in many herbal cosmetics.

2. Beneficial in stomach problems

Not only is Pudina an exceptionally potent appetizer, it also improves the digestion process. It contains anti-oxidants which eliminate free radicals. Many herbal digestive cures contain mint or Pudina.

3. Prevents body aches

Pudina is a requisite in the formulation of pain-relieving balms. The strong aroma of mint leaves help in curing headache as well. This provides quick relief naturally.

4. Mouth freshener

Most toothpaste companies swear by mint. Its fresh fragrance acts as a mouth freshener and combats bad breathe. It also aids in whitening the teeth if used in crushed or powdered form.

5. Blood purifier

Mint is a very good blood-purifying agent. It purifies blood, which prevents skin from breaking out.

6. Cure of bleeding nose

Some people have the problem that their nose bleeds due to excessive heat. They are suggested to have mint leaves to cure this health issue.

7. Prevents cancer

Addition of mint leaves in one’s diet will help in prevention of lung and skin cancer. Mint contains enzymes which can fight cancer.

8. Relieves cough

Mint helps break down coughs, and soothes the throat. It is also very beneficial for asthma patients.

Though mint has its various advantages, some people are allergic to it. Plus, anything if had in access can cause adverse effects; therefore, the consumption of Pudina should be limited.

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