Benefits Of Public Transportation

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Benefits of Public Transportation

Public transportation comprises of various modes including subways, buses, ferries and commuter trains among others. Many people are now using public transportation, with the local communities expanding their public transportation services. Every member of the society benefits from good public transportation. To discover the advantages of public transportation, read the following article.

1. Encourages development
Public transportation encourages economic development through enhancing property redevelopment and development, creating employment and improving property value. The money collected from public transportation enables the government to better serve its citizens by improving public services. In fact, public transit assists in establishing tax revenues.

2. Enhances communities
Through improving the access of various communities, public transportation offers more opportunities to the residents. This translates to better safety, improved life quality as well as better personal freedom. Furthermore, public transit brings the community together and strengthens friendship and family bonds.

3. Environmental benefits
Public transportation benefits the environment by helping to reduce air pollution because it creates lower emission levels than cars. Having good air quality also prevents some health issues such as respiratory disease. The other way that public transportation benefits the environment is by lowering energy consumption, leading to lesser toxic gas emissions.

4. Convenience
Most buses and trains run on set schedules that you could set your traveling time around. Rather than spending time searching for a parking space, you can opt to start using public transportation. In addition, public transit lessens the total number of vehicles on highways and roads, preventing traffic jams. This reduces commute time and enhances productivity.

5. Cost benefits
It is far cheaper to pay for a train or bus pass than to deal with the cost of auto maintenance, parking and gas. Actually, using public transportation saves you money on car insurance.

While public transportation is very useful, it has some disadvantages. For instance, some trains or buses are normally very dirty and they lack the privacy offered by driving in your own car.

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