Benefits of PST

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Benefits of PST

It is always important to make sure that you are taking the correct dosage of medicine for a more effective treatment. This is much more crucial when you are taking blood thinning medications like oral anticoagulants. Patient Self Testing or PST allows people to safely test themselves at home to ensure that their blood is not taking too long to clot.

1. Convenience

PST offers a good alternative to both lab and clinic testing, which usually require repeated trips to and from the hospital. With PST, patients can effectively test themselves from any location. This is very important as it offers physicians timely alert whenever patients are not within range. In addition, the meter used to carry out the measurement is portable and thus it can be carried around when going on a trip.

2. Reduces complications

PST allows for more regular testing at home, which could result in fewer complications and health problems. With the results of the test, doctors are able to establish whether or not the current medication is effective. This means the appropriate changes can be made to your dosage, which reduces chances of getting any complications. Furthermore, the PST meters have an in built quality control measure to ensure reliable results.

3. Ease of use

Just like the testing apparatus used by many diabetics, the PST meters are reliable, compact and very simple to handle. Actually, the FDA has cleared them for easy home use and they have also been tested extensively for precision and accuracy in measuring the anticoagulant levels. The display shows test outcomes clearly in large numbers.

The final benefit of PST is that it promotes consistency. It allows patients to test themselves using the same meter that their doctors trust so as to provide accurate results that help maintain the correct therapeutic range.

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