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Benefits of PSA screening

Benefits of PSA screening

PSA or prostate-specific antigen screening is a blood test that helps determine if a man has prostate cancer or not.  Prostate cancer is a dreaded disease but some medical experts point out that there’s not much benefit with screening as this type of cancer usually develops slowly.  But other people also argue that the benefits of PSA screening actually outweigh the risks that may be involved with the procedure and the treatment that follows after.  Below are some benefits of PSA screening:

1.  Early detection of prostate cancer

The whole point of having a blood test is to screen and know whether a man has prostate cancer or not.  And as with many other cancer types, it actually is a better situation to be in when one finds out that he has prostate cancer earlier rather than later.  Although some types of this cancer may be found asymptomatic, the fact that it can be detected early can prepare people with the disease’s possible outcome and help them decide what’s best for them.

2.  Early treatment of prostate cancer

With prostate cancer detected early by PSA screening, one can also have the option to have early treatment.  Although the development of prostate cancer may actually be slower than most other cancers, early management of the disease can actually be helpful in the long term.

3.  Overall decrease in mortality

PSA screening that result into early detection and early treatment of prostate cancer had actually shown to be effective as shown by the decrease in mortality rates.  Before PSA screening was available to the public, mortality rates were said to be higher.

The main point of the matter is that men are given the option to know early if they have prostate cancer or not.  Despite concerns on the risks involved as a result of early cancer treatment, many people still advocate PSA screening.  The fact that men with prostate cancer are given enough time to prepare and choose the best option for them is a benefit good enough for some people.

Benefits of PSA screening

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