Benefits Of Pruning

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Benefits of Pruning

Pruning is a maintenance practice that involves cutting of parts of a bush, tree or plant so as to enhance it. For instance, the pruning of fruit trees ensures maximum crop quality and quantity. Pruning is thus done to enhance the health or the look of a plant. Provided it is performed using the right methods, pruning offers these benefits.

1. Eliminates deceased parts
Pruning trees is not restricted to trimming stems and roots. You might also desire to start pruning all deceased flower groups so as to stop seeds from forming since deceased flowers can drain lots of energy from the tree. This action is more useful during the early stages of plant growth since once they have grown it can become a tedious chore.

2. Simplifies transplantation
Pruning is particularly vital if you are looking to move some plants to another area. The presence of tighter root structures enhances the chances of the plants overcoming the first shock of both uprooting and also transplanting. Clipping the roots is thus a smart thing to do prior to moving a plant or tree elsewhere.

3. Promotes fruit growth
Root pruning helps promote fruit growth in several ways. This action assists to create a better rooting system that will supply all the necessary ingredients to the plant. Furthermore, root pruning eliminates the roots that grow awkwardly, wrapping around the tree trunk and prevent transport of vital nutrients.

4. Corrects irregular growth
Sometimes plants tend to display irregular growth habits and in such instances pruning is vital. This practice allows for total light penetration into the plant, thus help in controlling plant size.

Pruning should not be overdone as it could stimulate the growth of strong shoots, causing water sprouts that attract various pests. These pests might carry diseases from one tree to the next.

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