Benefits Of Protein

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Benefits of Protein

Proteins are essential nutrients required by the body for optimal function. Good protein sources include chicken, fish, milk and eggs among others. There are innumerable benefits of consuming proteins.

1. Helps in weight loss

Consuming foods that contain high protein amounts like fish and eggs help weight loss attempts through stabilizing levels of blood sugar and therefore curb hunger. Furthermore, since protein is digested more slowly than processed carbohydrates, it is highly likely that you are not going to feel hungry and tired after a short while.

2. Enhances energy

Similar to carbohydrates, proteins aid the body in providing essential energy. This helps in avoiding cases of constant tiredness and fatigue. In addition, proteins offer energy that lasts for a very long time. This is why protein is an essential ingredient of energy bars and drinks. Protein supplements are very popular among athletes and body builders.

3. Boosts immune system

Consuming adequate protein is vital in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system. If you get an injury like a cut or bruise, protein aids in tissue repair. It also helps the body fighting off diseases and illnesses. Since protein is not stored in the body, it is recommended to consume healthy protein daily.

4. Highly nutritious

Another vital protein benefit is that it provides a healthy substitute for people who cannot withstand eating solid meals for breakfast. In these cases, protein powder is used to make a nutritious morning smoothie.

5. Maintains healthy muscles

The body muscles are partially created from proteins. A vital benefit of protein is that is helps to maintain healthy muscles. It also assists in building skin, nails, cartilage and hair.

Nevertheless, high protein intake can cause health complications, particularly if only small amounts of carbohydrates are consumed. It can cause ketosis and this leads to nausea and fatigue.

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